About Us

About Us, The Story of WOIMTG

It all started on a wet Bank Holiday, which they tend to be, back in May 2012. A father was sitting at home wondering where to take his children. The local council website had no information, Google listed events miles away and the local paper only reported what had happen. After giving up looking the father felt there was a need for a local informative site. So, What’s On In Epsom was born. 

That father was me Paul Taylor. With no experience in IT and limited knowledge of Facebook and Twitter I created What’s On In My Town. With a goal to keep local residents aware what is going on in their area. 

At the time I was working for Royal Mail as Manager and later Project Manager and was able to run WOIMTG in my spare time. What’s On In Epsom via Facebook grew and within a few months we had over thousands of followers. I was then contacted by a local business regarding advertising. This was something I never imaged. I asked the business why they wanted to advertise with us. It was a simple answer you are connected to local residents which we want to be a part of. This created our strapline “Bringing Communities and Businesses Together” 

From this moment I was contacted by people in other areas wanting a What’s On page and within a year of Epsom starting I had pages in Banstead, Sutton, Leatherhead and Dorking all run by local people. I now have pages across Kent, Sussex,  Staffordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire. and West Midlands.

I am always looking to share my knowledge and skills and help others start their own What’s On page. So that’s why I started  Be Your Own Boss. This helps people start their own social media own business working from home with 24/7 support and full training to run their own What’s On business.  Not a franchise so there is no fees. For more info Click Here

Moving forward What’s On has always been about bringing communities and businesses together, B2C, but for 2022 I am looking to help businesses meet other businesses across the What’s On network with What’s On Business Club. Networking has changed since COVID with more people use to Zoom calls and doing business online. The business club will offer business access to business directory, discount on advertising and other What’s On services and most importantly to be able to create new contacts and business around the country.  More Details To Follow