WOIMT Business Club

What’s On has always been about bringing Businesses and Communities (B2C) together for over 10 years, but for 2022, as business get over the impact of COVID and now finding themselves tackling raising cost, What’s On In My Town what to help businesses connect with others not just locally but across our network.

Networking has changed since COVID with more people use to using Zoom calls and doing business online. The Business Club will offer businesses access to a business directory, discount on advertising and other What’s On services and most importantly to be able to create new contacts and business around the country.

As small business owners ourselves we know that sometimes working on your own can be quite lonely. WOIMT Business Club aims to combat this by creating a friendly, professional support group made up of people just like you working by themselves or in small teams with little support.

 Occasionally you just need someone else’s opinion and asking family and friends isn’t always the right option when you need professional, experienced guidance.

WOIMT Business Club can be your own virtual office space where trusted, knowledgeable, approachable colleagues can advise each other, share expertise, answer questions and give opinions on anything and everything work (and sometimes non work) related!

So what do you get for your membership?

Business Directory

Every member will be given access to their very own page on our website in the Business Directory. Here you will be able to add:

        • Business Details
        • What you do
        • images
        • video
        • Page can be changed as and when you want.

Members Perks

As a member it’s not just listing your details. You will also get.

        • Discount on Advertising, if you don’t advertise with us already
        • Discount on Courses
        • Discount on WOIMT Services
        • Members Only Offers
        • Access to Members Only groups on social media 

Social Media Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn platforms are perfect for members to connect with other members across the country.  WOIMT Business Club will have private areas for members to ask for and give advise. 


So you are now thinking how much is membership?

We have 1 membership but we have 2 payment options monthly or yearly. Both enjoy the same benefits only difference you can cancel the Monthly payment and membership at any time. 

        • Monthly £5
        • Yearly £50

If you like to JOIN WOIMTG Business Club fill in the form below 

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This is where you are BASED not the area you cover...
*you can cancel your monthly payments at anytime.
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