The best form of advertising is word of mouth,  we know that, and at WOIMTG we have taken that a step further using our social media platforms. We will promote your business locally as well as in your county and we have found your loyal customers always seem to comment how great your business is. So that word of mouth is now multiplied thousands of times in one post. For more details on our advertising packages CLICK HERE

Photography / Video Service

We are very lucky to have two wonderful photographs in Paul and Nigel. Both have had work covered in local and national magazines. Paul has also had photos published in national and International newspaper and has covered such events and Major Sporting Events, West End Red Carpet Events, Celebrities and members of the  Royal Family including the Queen.  

If you have an event or a product you would like photographed or video then please contact today for a quote. Fill in the form below. Here are some example of our work

Promotional Photo

Social Media 

In our 10 years we have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t work with social media. we also know what platform is best for your business. So we have a range of services to offer you. 

Social Media Review

As I said we know a bit about social media. So why not let us take a look at your social media and let us tell you what’s Good, Bad and the Ugly. We will check over your social media see how easy it is to find your pages, are you post enough, are you post to much, are you post the right stuff. Our Good, The Bad and The Ugly Review will tell you. For More Info Fill In The Form Below 

Social Media Management

The saying we hear all the time is ” I know I need to do more social media but I just don’t have the time” Well….Let us do it for you.

We can create an SMM package to suit your business and your budget. leaving you to run your business and us to run your social media. For More Info Fill In The Form Below 

Social Media Training

We can’t lie the best person to do your social media is YOU…..You are there at your workplace, you know what you want to promote, You are on the spot to take that photo to promote your business. So let us train you how best to use your time wisely and to use social media to promote your business. We have one off training package or more personal on going packages. For More Info Fill In The Form Below

Website Building

Let us create and manage your website for you. From simple one page website to more multi page websites we can help create a stunning affordable website for your business. We can even arrange the hosting, domain name and create your emails for you. For More Info Fill In The Form Below

Coming Soon…Build Your Own Website

Building a website is not that difficult and shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. I learnt the hard way using a company to build me a website and charge me a fortune just to make simple alterations. So WOIMTG are looking to create a simple program where we help you and teach you to create and manage your own website with on going support until you are run it yourself.  For More Info Fill In The Form Below

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