Welcome To WOIMTG

What’s On In My Town Group was formed in 2012 with the simple understanding to help businesses and their community connect via the power of social media with What’s On In My Town. Over the years the group has expanded now offering Training as well as business support with My Business Support. 

The first member of WOIMTG was What’s On In My Town. Formed in 2012 on a wet Bank Holiday in May with What’s On In Epsom. It started as a hobby but within 6 months there were 5 other What’s On. It now covers from the midlands down to the south coast with over 150,000 followers on social media. Offering our followers information on local news, travel, jobs, businesses and events

Bringing Businesses and Communities together

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What’s On has always been about bringing Businesses and Communities (B2C) together for over 10 years, but for 2022, as business get over the impact of COVID and now finding themselves tackling raising cost, What’s On In My Town what to help businesses connect with others not just locally but across our network.

As small business owners ourselves we know that sometimes working on your own can be quite lonely. WOIMT Business Club aims to combat this by creating a friendly, professional support group made up of people just like you working by themselves or in small teams with little support.

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Social Media MOT is all about helping you do your own social media. Like our cars and bodies they all need a quick MOT to see if they are working correctly, are up to the job and safe to go ahead and use. 

Social Media MOT offer a FREE service where we check over your social media platforms and give you our Good, The Bad and The Ugly report. After that it’s up to you if you make the recommended changes or keep going on as you are not reaching new potential  customers. 

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Due to the rise of WOIMT we want to help people start their own social media business. With no training, just a basic understanding of Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram, I started posting about local events in the Borough of Epsom & Ewell in Surrey. As the website and social media pages grew, event organisers and local businesses started to contact me asking to advertise turning my hobby into a full time business. 

Be Your Own Boss will help you start your own online social media business with 24/7 support and training. Its not a franchise and it is free. All it will cost you is your time and commitment.

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